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Online Training - Listings below (see specific Provinces in dropdown menu for in-person courses)

Please join us at a live and interactive video training course with one of our certified instructors!  You can ask questions, make comments and get into specifics around your own horses while you learn about first aid priorities of action, how to take vital signs and recognize when something isn’t right, basic bandaging and building a temporary boot – (live demonstration), recognition of and early intervention for colic, choke, COPD (ROA), collapse, shock and more. Your instructor will guide you through the identification of common hoof ailments and diseases, and your 2-3 hour class (depending on questions) will finish out with all your questions, as well as a discussion on what you will do HANDS ON in part 2 of the course, to be taken when isolation lifted and its safe to congregate together again. (based on provincial health guidelines - please check your region)

The online section of the course is only $79.50, includes your first aid manual delivered right to your house, your 3-hour course live and interactive with a certified instructor, AND a portion of all course proceeds will go toward our ‘feeding the furries’ – a program we run for all animals through our Canine Health Canada site ( 

 You get to learn – so you can be prepared to help your horse in an emergency. Our instructors, who are all small business owners have an opportunity to teach, AND you can feel great knowing you’re helping to support fellow animal owners who might be having trouble feeding their furries due to work, illness or injury.

We are all in this together.

June 19

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid - 


Host: Equi-Health Canada Plus

Instructor: Carolyn Kemps

(306) 221-1299

[email protected]

$79.50 + GST

full-day course


June 23 

6-9pm MST

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid - 


Instructor: Heidi Grant

(236) 712-3430

[email protected]

Instructor will work with the registrants to book the hands on portion.


Email to register